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Innovative Retail

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With years of retail and marketing experience, our innovative strategies that understand our client’s specific requirements allows us to provide a blend of bespoke designs, cutting edge technology and industry inventions. Touch Point prides itself on using all marketing stimuli to engage customers.


The Pursuit of perfection

... To be the preferred outsource partner to retailers, marketers and brand owners, by offering them key services, systems and new creative technologies.

How we


01 Intelligence

Advanced technology called digimapping, allows us to scan the retail environment and provide our clients with accurate measurements of all marketing assets.

02 Strategy

With the relevent research we are able to develop strategic marketing campaigns that utilises all marketing stimuli, which in turn engages customers and leads the customer to making purchasing decisions.

03 Design Cenceptualisation

Design is the key to successful engagement with customers. By linking brand strategy and technology our design vision helps clients to activate their brands, and ensures consistent brand identity remains.

04 Retail Media Platforms

Having identified various Touch Points within the retail environment, we design a through-the-line marketing campaign that will engage customers, leveraging the store as a powerful marketing medium.

05 Print Manufacture

Touch Point prides itself on the relationships we have with our print outsource partners, we have access to the latest technology and innovative print solutions, offering full turnkey services.

06 Brand Logistics

We are passionate and committed team, who like to immerse ourselves in dynamic retail environments. Our knowledge is extensive, ensuring that we get the job done on time, every time.

07 Kitting & Distribution

Our in-house kitting and packing ensures that each campaign is quality checked prior to being distributed. A comprehensive list is produced for each campaign and all elements are picked, packed and distributed to our rigging teams for installations.

08 Brand Logistics

Using the latest technology, each of our national rigging teams uses a handheld smart tablet. Installation instructions are sent directly to the device and the riggers use the device to check into the retail outlet, understand what POS needs to be installed where.

09 Analysis & Feedback

Once installation is complete a comprehensive post installation review is prepared for each campaign, photographs and feedback are given of the installations at each store.

What we can save you

Touch Point will bring down your production costs, reduce time to market and increase your ROI

Admin 20%
Production 40%
Time 60%
Compliancy 80%