" The essence

of retail, is


- TomPeters

Shopper Marketing is now growing faster than internet advertising, doubling since 2004 and is on pace for a compound annual growth rate of a whopping 21% through 2010. Retail is now emerging as a new, legitimate battleground for building shares, extending equity and increasing loyalty. The driving factors in this phenomenon are consumer behaviour, fragmented media, competitive pressures and retailer demands. Since the retail environment has become such a sought after communication channel for advertisers, a lot of media owners now operate in this space offering all sorts of different media opportunities it is becoming extremely difficult for companies to put together a comprehensive media plan without having to deal with multiple suppliers. We alleviate these frustrations by negotiating on your behalf with the different media owners through our extensive service offering.

Source MARS advertising 2009

Cover Styl'

Touch Point Retail is a certified partner and installer of Cover Styl’ - smart interior design. Cover Styl’ is a cost-effective self-adhesive architectural film that can cover almost any surface. The range offers 471 patterns and textures in 9 categories.

Why choose Cover Styl'?

  • This material can transform any living space in no time and is a cheaper quality alternative for establishments that want to do any renovations or make changes.
  • This product is new to South Africa but is used extensively in the UK and other parts of the world. Touch Point has exclusive access to this product and are excited to help you transform your establishment today!
  • The message here is to rather refurbish than replace, this product offers instant gratification as it is non-invasive and fast to install.

Retail Advertising

We deliver exciting and compelling campaigns and ideas that drive retail behaviour across every channel and at every stage of the shopping experience from in store to a shopper’s front door.

Shopper Marketing

We build strong bonds with shoppers to create uniquely identifiable journeys for brands and retailers, by using specific marketing strategies, that are proven to work.

Retail Design

We apply our expert retail knowledge across global and local markets to deliver ideal solutions for both retailers and suppliers. By using advanced technology, called digimapping, we can scan the retail environment thereby providing our clients with resolutions that address specific retail complications.

Brand Logistics

We are a team of passionate and committed individuals who specialise in the management and installation of signage and POS, including procurement, warehousing, packing, logistics, field management, installation, maintenance and compliance.