Augmented Reality

AR in Stores

In the coming years, consumers are likely to start seeing more augmented experiences when they go shopping.

This will allow retailers the ability to give customers more information about products. Consumers can compare prices and features just by pointing their phone at a shelf. It could even rank and highlight options based on criteria set by the consumer:

Augmented Reality will allow shoppers to try before they buy. Retailers in all kinds of different industries go to great lengths to allow shoppers to try out their products in-store: Users can try on various products, and share their results on social media, giving their customers the confidence to buy products without having to visit a physical location to try them out. Iconic brands Ikea and Converse have both developed apps to let would-be customers see how their products would look in-home (or on-foot) before going to the physical store.

AR can allow retailers to provide personalised offers. retailers can use customer data and machine learning algorithms to generate personalised offers tailored to individual shoppers based on their unique profiles, rather than generic displays or discounts that everyone sees, offer targeted ads.

Digital and Augmented Reality experiences that are both relevant and personalized, through the utilization of our own Zappar technology which is now incorporated into the Shazam application… we ensure broader audience adoption and customer participation.

To experience this unique and innovative technology simply download Zappar or Shazam, open the camera icon and scan the unique bar code featured on the retailers advert.

Some campaigns include Iliadin and download the Ralph Lauren playlist as seen in their New York store.

Innovative Retail Solutions Provider


Without understanding the retail landscape it is difficult to design and implement effective marketing strategies that target audiences. Advanced technology called Digimapping allows us to scan the retail environment and provide our clients with accurate dimensions and measurements of all marketing assets and where they are situated. With this information we are able to provide the following:


  • Store measurements & reporting guidelines
  • Store selling areas
  • Store non selling areas
  • Store tenants areas

Out Store

  • Street & adjacent property uses
  • Parking counts and ratios
  • Green areas, storm water retention requirements
  • Elevation drawings


  • Asset management